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Simon Fraser Lodge Services

Services and programs at Simon Fraser Lodge are established to meet the unique needs of each resident. We encourage the engagement of teamwork between our residents, their family, staff members, volunteers and the community. We have a multi-disciplinary approach that includes physicians, Social Worker etc. that play a key role in the care of our residents.

The services & programs that are included in the base fee include:

Nursing & Care Service

24 hour complex care provided daily by Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's) and Resident Care Aides (RCA's). The provincial target for hours of service is 3.04 hours per resident day of direct care and Simon Fraser Lodge is in compliance with that level. It is important to know that the allocated hours are managed on a facility-wide basis since some neighbourhoods may require additional resources to respond to more acute needs.

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Special Care & Dementia Care

For those residents that need a calm and secure environment, special care and dementia care is provided. Service Provider staff working in this area have previous education and experience in dealing with dementia and/or challenging behaviours.

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Recreational & Rehabilitative Services

Recreation and social services are provided seven days a week at various times throughout the day. Daily activities include exercise, games, social gatherings and entertainment. Some programs are on a one-to-one basis while others are in small or large group settings. We celebrate special occasions and cultural events and we involve other therapeutic programs (such as pets, art & music). Church services are offered and outings are arranged for places such as museums, special events and shopping.

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Occupational Therapist & Physiotherapist

An occupational therapist and/or physiotherapist are available on a part-time basis for residents needs. They work to assess residents and make recommendations regarding proper seating and equipment fitting, exercise regimes and rehabilitation programs. All residents are assessed and wheelchairs or other equipment requirements arranged for before they leave the hospital. In addition, we work closely with our suppliers to help select specialized equipment for resident needs.

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Social Worker

The Social worker supports the care team by providing Psychosocial assessments, counselling, and advocacy as well as Education. This is a part-time role and the service is offered at times that align with resident needs. As an advocate for the vulnerable older adult, the social worker has a unique perspective in understanding systems within Simon Fraser Lodge, the community at large and within the family. The social worker helps navigate complex systems to ensure services are identified and accessed. They also provide information relating to adult abuse and crisis intervention, as needed.

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Nutritional Support

A Dietitian oversees the meals provided by Dining Services. The Dietitian meets with every resident and/or family on admission to establish special dietary needs and personal taste preferences and to ensure individual nutrition needs are met (based on Canada’s Food Guide and the Resident’s care plan). On-going, the Dietitian ensures that residents are receiving the appropriate nutrition for their needs including special dietary or texture requirements and are flexible to respond to various stages of health (i.e. temporary illness or long-term changes, age, level of activity, etc). Regular reviews are done as part of Care Conferences to ensure the services best address the Residents needs.

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Dining Services

An important aspect of facility living is the quality and flexibility of meals and snacks – as well as the overall dining experience. Every meal is an opportunity to enjoy and to have family and/or friends join in. We provide a fresh hot-plated service of three nutritious meals per day. We also provide two snacks during the day and there are foods and beverages available in between, if needed. The morning meal is between 8:30am–9:30am, the noon meal is between 12 noon–1pm and the evening meal is served between 5pm–6pm. Snacks are flexible and provided at times that meet Resident needs. Eating aids and supplements are provided based on the Resident’s needs/care plan or the orders of a practitioner. Personal assistance is also provided when needed.

Our menus are on a four week rotating cycle and is changed with the spring/summer and fall/winter menu's to ensure variety. We also look to cultural and food preferences and ensure that choices respond to Resident's unique needs. We consider the texture, colour, taste and visual appeal as well as the food safety processes for proper preparation, storage and handling. Meals are served in the dining rooms and tray service is available in the case of an illness. For a nominal cost, families and friends are welcome to join residents for meals.

Monthly, there is a Resident/Family Dietary Focus Group to address menu and dietary concerns, make suggestions for menu changes and to provide input around special events.

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Laundry & Housekeeping

Housekeeping service is provided daily in all resident rooms and common areas and we provide all linens and related laundering for the residents’ use. The residents’ personal clothing is laundered and returned to their room. These services run 7 days per week and are scheduled to align with optimal use and resident need.

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Maintenance service is provided 6 days per week with a provision for call-in response if weekend emergent issues arise.

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Volunteer Services

We encourage and support our residents, their families and friends to volunteer – both within the residence and within the community. Our Recreation Coordinator provides the direction and assistance to make this a valuable engagement for both parties and we look for ways to maximize involvement as it benefits the residents with additional support. We support the Volunteer training and orientation program that is required before having volunteers on site.

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Comfort Fund

We assist every resident with the management of their Comfort Fund so that they have an opportunity to continue to manage their own affairs to the extent that they are able. There is no charge for this service.

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Family Council

The Family Council is made up of family members and friends.

The Council's focus is on improving the quality of life and assuring quality of care for all residents and supporting each other. This includes activities that:

  • Promote mutual support among council members and other families involved with SFL residents, often through sharing information and experiences as well as educating Council members on issues affecting residents and families.
  • Facilitate communication and promote partnerships with home staff and residents as well as residents' families and friends who are not involved directly on the Council.
  • Advocate regarding collective concerns.
  • Engaging and connecting residents and the home with the community.

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Resident Council

The Resident Council is made up of Residents at Simon Fraser Lodge. This is an opportunity for them to meet at collaborate on ideas of what they would like to see happening at our care home. It is a safe and open committee where all opinions are respected and matter.

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Optional services that are user-paid include:


Simon Fraser Lodge has a dentist who visits regularly at no additional cost and residents are encouraged to make use of this service. We also assist residents to make arrangements to visit their own dentists at their own expense if that is preferred.

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Foot care Nurse

We work to ensure the services of a local Foot care Nurse are available and that they visit regularly to ensure proper foot care. The cost for this service is paid for by the user. Referrals to a podiatrist are also available.

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We have the services of a qualified hairdresser several days a week and we seek to ensure that charges for this service are less than those charged by regular salons. The cost for this service is paid for by the user.

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Other user-paid services

As needed or requested, additional professional or personal services can be provided or arranged (such as an audiologist for hearing aids.) The cost is the responsibility of the client but we will assist with the arrangements whenever possible.

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