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Resident Rights

Bill of Rights: The rights and welfare of our Residents is a key priority at our site. The Province of BC has mandated compliance with the Residents’ Bill of Rights and it prominently posted to demonstrate that requirement. View the Residents’ Bill of Rights.

Advance Care Planning: It is important to outline the Resident’s beliefs, values and wishes for their future care. When a capable adult does advance care planning, their close family or trusted friends and health care providers know the adult’s wishes for health care treatment and can respect them in the event the adult is incapable of deciding for themselves when the care is needed. Further information can be found at this link: www.health.gov.bc.ca/hcc/advance-care-planning.html

Policies: In addition, we have Policy Manuals that guide the expectations and procedures for care & service. There are many policies (including ones for abuse, access & release of residents, medication management and skin & bowel care) that exist for the sole purpose to protect the resident.

Managed Risk Agreement: For some residents, there may be circumstances identified where the resident is perceived to be living “at risk” with a potential safety and/or health concern. In these circumstances, a Managed Risk Agreement between the resident, their physician or the Medical Director and the facility is initiated. This agreement defines a mutually acceptable level of choice and risk for specific situation(s) that will be honoured for that resident.

Ethics & Quality: Another important means of protecting the rights and welfare of our Residents is through purposeful meetings. The Ethics Committee exists as a structure that seeks the input and perspective of a diverse skill base who assemble to consider issues that impact resident rights and welfare. The Quality Council focuses on service quality and is involved in ensuring the rights and welfare of residents are protected through procedures of audit, review and recommendations.

Complaints? Any concerns or questions regarding rights, welfare or other matters impacting Resident service should be immediately directed to the Administrator. If you feel the response has not been adequate, you should contact Community Care Licensing and make a complaint. Details of that process are outlined in the following link: www.health.gov.bc.ca/ccf/complaints.html